Barre Essentials Prerequisite  Course

Topics Covered in Barre Essentials:

Chapter 1 

What is Barre

History of Barre 

Is Barre right for you? 

Is online program right for me? 

Workbook activity 

Chapter 2 

A brief history of Barre 

The foundations of Ballet 

An introduction to ballet terminology 

Workbook activity

Chapter 3

Basic anatomy and kinesiology 

Joints & Actions of the body 

Workbook activity 

Chapter 4 

What makes a great barre instructor 

What does it mean to serve?

Qualities in a great server 

What type of learner are you?

Using your learning style to lead a class 

Workbook activity 

Chapter 5 

Your responsibility as a barre instructor

Your responsibility to your students

Your responsibility to your facility 

Your responsibility to your peers 

Your responsibility to yourself

Workbook activity 

Chapter 6 

Teaching group fitness 



Offering modifications 

Correcting students 

Workbook activity 

Chapter 7

Group X design

Workbook activity 

Chapter 8

Musicality and rhythm 

Workbook activity

Chapter 9 

Choreography basics 

Final tips 

How to build combinations 

Workbook activity 

Chapter 10 

Teaching special populations

Workbook activity 

Chapter 11

Things you need to know about teaching barre 

Teaching Faux Pas 

Workbook activity