Corporate Level Barre Certification

The best way to get high-quality, standardized, Barre education and CEC's for your fitness professionals:

BarreCertification is the best way to bring Barre to your existing fitness program. Our Corporate program was developed to meet the needs of clients that have larger teams of trainers. By going through our course, all of your instructors will receive high level of Barre instruction, which will help them teach safe and engaging Barre classes. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • Get a set rate for all additional instructors after acquiring the initial package.
  • Provides all instructors with the complete knowledge of safety standards related to Barre.
  • Certification will be tied to your facility and you have a choice if you want to restrict them to only teach there.  If instructor leaves they will need to pay and go through the program again to receive stand-alone certification.

This program will benefit your facility if you want to:

  • Certify 15 or more trainers at once! (volume discount)
  • Track the progress of your instructors with a simple interface.
  • Receive updates and group discounts on future programs.
  • Effective way to maintain instructor excellence.
  • Get additional exposure for your facility.
  • Tie certifications to your facility (instructors will  need your permission to teach anywhere else).

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