In-Person IBBFA Barre Certification Training

Location:  Grace & Power Fitness

Address:   Grace and Power Fitness
Hosted by: Raintree Athletic Club
2555 S Shields St.
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Date:  January 13 & 14, 2024

When you complete our Certification Program, you will qualify for the following continued education credits:

Why work with us

A Legacy of Excellence: With over 12 years of experience, we have meticulously refined our certification program to offer the best in Barre education. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry.

Comprehensive Foundation: Unlike themed programs, we specialize in providing a solid foundation in Barre knowledge. Our training equips you with the essential skills and understanding needed to excel as a Barre instructor.

Creative Freedom: We don't just teach you to follow our class formats; we empower you to develop your own. Our training encourages creativity and individuality, allowing you to design classes that resonate with your unique teaching style.

Seamless Integration:

Once trained, you can effortlessly integrate our Barre techniques into your current program. Enhance your offerings and provide an enriched experience to your clients with our proven methods.

Hands-On Learning: 

Our in-person training provides an immersive experience with direct access to expert instructors. Benefit from real-time feedback, personalized guidance, and the opportunity to practice in a supportive environment.

Ongoing Support: 

Your journey with us doesn't end after certification. We provide ongoing support and resources to ensure your continued growth and success as a Barre instructor.

Meet Becka

Becka graduated college with a B.A. in dance. Upon graduation she began dancing professionally in Atlanta. She has taught in many ballet school and enjoys teaching people of all ages. After several years of teaching and dancing in Atlanta they moved to Scottsdale. This is when Becka discovered her love of barre and dance fitness. Becka holds certifications in Barre, Pilates,Yoga, PBT, ACE, and is a Master Instructor with IBBFA. She owns a studio in Loveland, Colorado and loves sharing her passion for dance and fitness with others. 

Becka Repp

IBBFA Master instrucotr

What our Clients Say

Program Price: $379

Includes In-Person training at Grace & Power Fitness  On January 13 & 14, 2024 and immediate access to all online training materials.

Additional courses we offer as continued education: