Gold Package + Prenatal Certification

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Gold & Prenatal

100% Online Course

(20 Hour Home Study Course)

6 months to complete the course

  • Barre Essentials Course (required if you don't have prior group fitness experience)  (ACE - .8 CEC)
  • Fundamentals of Barre Course  (ACE - 2.7 CEC)
  • Prenatal Course (ACE- .6 CEC)
  • Instructor Directory Listing
  • Over 5 hours of Instructional Video
  • over 4 Hours of Ready-to-teach BarreSlim Classes
  • Ready to teach Class Outlines
  • Instant Access To All Materials
  • Once successfully completed, you will be a  Certified Barre Instructor
  • Free Recorded Video Test-out (Optional Skype Test-out $59)
  • Access to private Facebook support group
  • Earn CEC's With Top-Tier Programs
  • Certified Instructor ID card

 ACE CEC: 4.1

USD  $696 $497 

(Price includes Taxes and S&H)

*30-day  100% Money-Back-Guarantee

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Prenatal Barre


* Once completed you can redeem ACE CEC's, however a Successful completion of Level 1 is required to become a Certified Barre Instructor.

Prenatal Course

Barre is considered a no-impact to low-impact exercise, it is ideal for pregnant women. The intensity of the workout is easily controlled by the mother, and the use of the barre allows her the additional assistance with stability and balance.

 Not only does it help pregnant students to minimize weight gain, it is also able to lower the risk of gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

This specialized program will build on your knowledge and provide the fundamentals needed to teach a safe barre class for expectant mothers and for those who have just given birth.

1 New Pre/Postnatal Class outline

Barre Certification - Prenatal Barre
Prenatal Ch. 1 (Introduction to Pred/Postnatal Barre)
Prenatal Ch. 2 (Benefits of Barre Exercises While Pregnant)
Prenatal Ch. 3 (What to Expect as an Instructor)
Prenatal Ch. 4 (What to Expect as an Pre/Postnatal Student)
Prenatal Ch. 5 (Most Frequent Questions From Pre/Postnatal Students)
Prenatal Ch. 6 (Pre/Postnatal Barre Class)
Prenatal Ch. 7 (Prenatal Upper Body Exercises)
Prenatal Ch. 8 (Lower Body Workouts at the Barre)
Prenatal Ch. 9 (Mat Work and Stretching)
Prenatal Ch. 10 (Pre/Postnatal Barre Class Layout)
Prenatal - Written Test

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When you complete IBBFA's Fundamentals of Barre (Level 1) Certification, you will gain the following CECs:

20 CECs

15 CECs

28 CECs

6 CECs

2.7 CECs

1.9 CECs

4 CECs