$19.97 30-day Trial! 

(no automatic charges,  access simply expires at the end of 30-days, with option to upgrade)

(35 Hour Home Study Course)

  • Barre Essentials Course (required if you don't have prior group fitness experience)  (ACE - .8 CEC, 8 hours)
  • Fundamentals of Barre Course  (ACE - 2.7 CEC, 27 hours)
  • Instructor Directory Listing
  • Over 5 hours of Instructional Video
  • Ready to teach Class Outlines
  • Instant Access To Materials
  • Once successfully completed, you will be a  Certified Barre Instructor

 ACE CEC: 3.5

USD  $19.97

No Previous Experience?

To become IBBFA-Certified, you need a fitness background or work experience, and must have a current teaching certification in group fitness, personal fitness, yoga, pilates, or equivalent.

If you don't have any prior experience or need a refresher,  you can simply complete the Barre Essentials  (included with Gold Package) prerequisite course before proceeding with Level 1 - Fundamentals of Barre. 

When you complete IBBFA's Fundamentals of Barre (Level 1) Certification, you will gain the following CECs:


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