The IBBFA Barre Certification Program Team

Meet IBBFA Barre Team!

Lisa Juliet, MBA

Lisa is a founder of Ballerobica and the creative force behind organizing and bringing the IBBFA Barre Certification Program to the public. She has an extensive background in teaching Barre and Ballet, science and business. Her mission is to make the IBBFA Barre Certification the best program available and ensure the program provides a solid foundation for growing your client base and offering the highest quality instruction in a fun and supportive environment.

Dr. Andrea Alden

Dr. Andrea Alden- Andrea graduated with a BA in Communication, an MA in English and a PhD in English. She trained at Tempe Dance Academy and other local ballet schools from 1983-1993. She holds certifications in Ballerobica, ACE Group Fit, Barre, and American Ballet Theater (ABT in NYC) and she is one of the founders of IBBFA Barre Certification. She has been teaching Barre since 2011. She has two children, Callie (23) and Evan (17). She has been with her partner, Josh, for 5.5 years. “I love barre because it’s the first workout I found that doesn’t feel like I’m working out!

Dr. Hallie Edmonds

Dr. Hallie Edmonds – Hallie currently holds a PhD in evolutionary anthropology and biomechanics; an MA in anthropology; a Bachelors of arts degree in anthropology and art history. She trained at Academy of Ballet in Tucson, AZ; was a Company member of Tucson Regional Ballet for 6 seasons; was a Company member for Treeline Dance, Phoenix AZ. Additionally Hallie has been a Certified Pilates instructor, IBBFA Master Barre Instructor, and Ballerobica Instructor since 2011 and a IBBFA Teacher Trainer since 2014. Hallie is one of the founders of IBBFA Barre Certification and helped to bring IBBFA’s extensive curriculum to an online format. “Barre is incredibly adaptable and dynamic! You can cater the workout to be more toning focused, more cardio focused, or a little bit of both! The workouts can also be crafted for individuals with injuries or movement limitations.”

Danielle Hensley

Danielle Hensley- Danielle has been Certified to teach Barre and Mat Pilates since 2010, and has been an IBBFA Master Barre Instructor since 2014. She was a competitive collegiate Latin and Ballroom dancer. She holds a BA in Design Studies, a BS in Interior Design and is currently completing an MS in Construction Management. “I love Barre because it continues the connection I had to ballet and dance that I had as a child and miss as a grownup!”

Tammy Foucrier

Tammy Foucrier– Tammy currently holds a BA Environmental Studies, MSUS Sustainability Solutions, and PhD Sustainability (in progress). Tammy originally from South Africa, trained in Cecchetti (Italian School of Ballet) from 1995 to 2013 and was a Company Member of Rocky Mountain Youth Dance Company in Denver, Colorado. She has been an IBBFA Certified Master Barre and Ballerobica instructor since 2016. Tammy has been married for 3 years and has two children ages 4 and 5 months. “ I love barre because it has seen me through pregnancy with continued strength and pain relief, has improved my ballet technique, and has made me stronger than I have ever felt before!”

Lindsay Dahlin

Lindsay Dahlin– Lindsay, a former LA Laker Girl and LA Clipper Dancer has been a certified fitness and barre instructor since 2013 and has been an IBBFA Master Barre Instructor is 2017. Lindsay has had an extensive career as an actress and dancer in Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA in 2003 and went into show business soon after. She was a professional dancer and choreographer for the NBA, United Spirit Association, Cheer 4 U Athletics and was in some of the following movies, TV shows and commercials, Ironman 2, NFL Pro Bowl Halftime Show, America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show, American Country Awards, House M.D., The Conan Show, and Apple. “I love teaching Barre because there is so much variety! It’s great to keep things fresh and interesting for our clientele and our fellow Barre instructors. I am able to teach several different types of Barre classes formats and use my creativity as a dancer and fitness instructor everyday!”

Becca McCarthy

Becca McCarthy – Becca has been an IBBFA Master Barre Instructor and Ballerobica instructor since 2016. She is a Competitive Collegiate Latin and Ballroom dancer (currently competing as Independent/Amateur Level) and has taught MS/HS color guard for that last 4 years. Becca has a B.S. Sustainability, a Minor in Biology, and Master’s in Public Policy. “I love barre because there are always new ways to challenge myself when I take a class! The community of people I have met through Barre has been incredible, and I always love learning new exercises from instructors. It helps strengthen and tone muscles that are crucial for my dance training and I have been able to bring the exercises to my dance partner for training mechanisms for basic technique!”

External Operations Manager

Michaela Abbott

Michaela Abbott– Michaela has been Certified to teach Barre since 2012, been an IBBFA Master Barre Instructor since 2015 and an IBBFA Teacher Trainer since 2016. She attended Cornish College of the Arts and Portland State University studying Dance, Theater and Family Studies. Michaela studied Ballet for 25 years, studied and performed modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, musical theater and tap for 14 years at Portland State Dance department, Seattle (Cornish College of the Arts), New York (Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center), Orlando (Disney World College Program), and Phoenix Center for the Arts. She taught dance all over the US from creative movement to award winning competition teams from 2005-2017. Michaela has been married for 1 year and loves living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona! “I love Barre because of the genuine challenge each class presents. The workout is sustainable, intense and fun!”

Internal Operations Manager

Emily Porter

Emily Porter– Emily graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with PreK-12 Certificate. Emily has been certified to teach barre since 2012 and has been an IBBFA Master Barre instructor since 2014. She had 15 years of dance experience and teaching experiences with Ballet Rincon in Tucson, Tucson Regional Ballet, Ballet Fusion Fitness in Mesa, Arizona. Emily has been married for 6 years and a proud parent of 2 beautiful children. She love’s barre because it is all encompassing and challenging no matter how long you have been doing it. “I love the variety of exercises, challenges and variations that can be added to any class to make it interesting and different. The exercise is great, but the community is also something that I love about barre! There are so many talented and educated instructors and clients that I feel like there is never a shortage of creativity or encouragement!”

Welcome to IBBFA Barre Certification!

The IBBFA Barre Certification was developed by a team of fitness, dance and medical professionals who saw the need for a high-quality, comprehensive Barre teacher training program that would help more fitness professionals learn to teach Barre safely and effectively.

Only the very best and most effective information and techniques made the final cut for inclusion in our program, making the IBBFA Barre Certification the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow program available today. The training concepts, content and exercises covered in the program have been extensively taught, tested and refined in studios across the US, Canada and Europe over many years, hundreds of Barre instructors and thousands of clients.

Once you earn your IBBFA Barre Certification, you will be fully prepared to start teaching and sharing the joy of Barre with the world. As the word spreads about your Barre workout classes, your class attendance will grow and you will look forward to teaching sessions filled with happy, enthusiastic faces.

There is no better feeling than being part of an uplifting and transformational process that has such a positive impact on others’ lives. You will get enormous personal and professional satisfaction from helping clients get amazing results in record time from the fun, challenging Barre workouts you create for them.

As a member of the family of IBBFA-Certified professional Barre instructors, you will always have access to expert professional guidance and support to help you grow your business and improve your skills, so you can achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

We look forward to welcoming you into the IBBFA family and bringing you the best Barre instructor training and business-building advice for many years to come.

To your success!

The IBBFA Team