Barre Instructor Training and Certification Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Teaching Barre

Ideally, yes, a barre is required to properly and safely perform the moves, but it doesn’t have to be a permanently installed barre– all of our workouts can be done with a freestanding or portable barre. A portable barre actually benefits students as it forces them to use more core strength and encourages proper alignment. Please note: A barre is highly recommended but NOT required for the practical exam.
Yes, however, you will be teaching a “Barre” class and you should be using the proper equipment. A ballet barre encourages safety and proper alignment, and some chairs are not a safe option.
Yes, please do! We highly encourage cross-training. The skills developed by barre training are a great complement to other programs and vice-versa.

Yes, you can incorporate components of the IBBFA Barre Certification program into your personal training with private clients. A lot of the exercises in the IBBFA Barre Certification program are very beneficial, especially if you have clients with injuries.

Yes! IBBFA Barre Certification teaches you low or no-impact techniques that are easily adjusted according to students’ individual capabilities. The average age Barre students is 28-55 years– we have even had ladies in their 70s enjoying Barre Class all around the world! We have taught this program to a number of happy seniors (men and women) ranging from 60-85 years of age.
Yes, as an IBBFA Certified Instructor you are able to get discounted insurance from Insure Fitness Group. Here is the link to get our discounted coverage rate:

Barre workouts are inspired by ballet training and incorporate movements and techniques from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. While barre does integrate some Pilates, the IBBFA Barre Level 1 course primarily focuses on exercises to be done at the barre, and how to design a safe and effective barre workout.

Yes, barre training is safe for pregnant women, but the moves and techniques must be modified for safety and comfort. The Barre Level 1 program is a foundational course; we do not train you to teach pre-natal and post-natal women at this level. To safely teach pregnant women, you need an additional IBBFA Pre and Postnatal Barre Certification, which can be completed after you have passed the Barre Level 1 Course. If you have an existing certification for teaching pregnant women, you can easily incorporate a majority of our barre program into a class using specific modifications that are provided in the training materials.

As for modifications for pre and postnatal clients, the Barre Level 1 course does offer some modifications for Pre/Postnatal clients, however we highly recommend our separate IBBFA Prenatal Barre Certification course that provides safe options for expecting mothers, postnatal and baby-wearing mothers.


About the IBBFA Barre Instructor Certification

You do not need to have any previous training to become IBBFA Certified Barre Instructor. We supply you with all the training you will need through the Gold Package to being teaching immediately once you have completed the Level 1 Certification course.  If you already have a fitness background, Barre industry work experience, a current teaching certification in group fitness, yoga, Pilates, or something equivalent, you are eligible to qualify for our Silver Program. Please contact us directly at and we can discuss what is the best program for your needs.
Yes. You do not need to be currently employed to get certified, and once certified, you can teach anywhere you choose—at a studio, gym, clients’ homes, virtual, hybrid, etc.
As long as you have a current IBBFA Barre Certification, you can teach anywhere in the world without any licensing fees. You can teach at a gym, private studio or as a private instructor in your own home.
Yes IBBFA Barre Certification the most reputable Barre Instructor Training in the world and is accredited by the most accrediting agencies in the world. Please note that independently owned franchises may require additional training to adhere to their franchise model requirements. If you are unsure whether a particular facility will accept the certification, we recommend you speak with the owner about the program and determine whether it is a good fit for them before you sign up.
As soon as you receive notification that you have passed your final exam, you can start teaching immediately. We will email you a digital copy of your Certificate as soon as it has been graded.
Unfortunately, no. Barre Level 1 is a foundational course and we do not specifically train you to teach pre-natal and post-natal women at this level. To safely teach pregnant women, you need additional training. IBBFA offers a speciality course call Pre and Postnatal Barre. Once you have passed the Barre Level 1 Certification course you are able to take any of our specialty course in no particular order. If you have an existing certification for teaching pregnant women, you can easily incorporate a majority of our barre Level 1 program into a class using specific modifications that are provided in the training materials.
No. Only Master-Level Barre Certified Instructors are permitted to teach IBBFA Barre Courses—additional knowledge, training and teaching hours are required to achieve Master Level. If you are interested in becoming a Master-Level Barre Certified Instructor, please let us know after you earn your Barre Level 1 Certification and we will outline the process for you.
YES! We offer several additional advanced-level courses for both IBBFA-Certified instructors and other fitness professionals that want to gain CEC’s or additional education. We currently offer Barre Level 1 (Certification course), Barre Level 2, Barre Level 3, Barre for Special Populations, Pre & Post-Natal Barre, and Ballerobica (3 styles of Barre class is one course Classic, HIIT and Kickboxing). Please note: the courses do not need to be completed in any specific order. We encourage you to choose your continuing education based on your current students needs. Principal and Master Level Certifications are currently available to a limited number of IBBFA Trainees only. Please contact us directly at to find out more about the course offerings and about the Principal and Master Level Certifications.

About the IBBFA Barre Certification Program

The Gold Package which includes Barre Essentials and the Barre Level 1 Certification course is approximately 35 hours (Essentials: 8hrs & Barre Fundamentals: 27hrs) of instruction and can be completed in as little as 2-4 weeks. It is a self-paced, online self-study program, designed to fit your needs and schedule. After purchasing the Gold package you will have 6 months to complete the program.
Yes, IBBFA Barre Certification gives continuing education credits that apply towards, NASM, AFAA, ACE, ISSA, NPCP, CanFitPro, Fitness AU and others. You can contact us directly at to inquire about exactly how many credits are given for each accrediting agency.
The program is completely online and available to anyone around the world. All you have to do is enroll and activate your account via email, and you’re ready to begin. Unlike other online programs, you will have access to the instructional materials immediately. As you complete each module, the next module’s materials will become available to you. The course work review at the end of each module are not graded—they are a way to review the material you just learned to make sure you understand the concepts covered, and help you prepare for the final exam. Additionally, you will get access to live webinars with a Master Instructor as they go through the program and chapters step-by-step with you in real time! We host webinars, exam study sessions, bonus webinars and questions and answer sessions monthly, and we also try to accommodate for International Timezone! The Final Written Exam is located in the last module. Once you have received a passing grade of 80% or better on the Final Written Exam, you are free to work on the Practical Exam. For the Practical Exam, you will submit a video showcasing the skills you have learned throughout your training for evaluation by our Master Instructors. You also have the option to do an In-Person Video Conference via Zoom with one of the IBBFA Master Instructors. The video conference test-out will also expedite your processing and you will know immediately if you have passed the exam. Once you have successfully completed the Practical Exam and received a passing evaluation, you will receive your Digital Certificate, and are now able to teach Barre to your community.
The course is approximately 27 hours, and once you have completed and passed the course the certification processing will take 2-3 business days. Once completes a digital scanned copy of your certification will be emailed to you.
The Barre Certification program typically takes approximately 27 hours to complete, however, experienced teacher typically finish much faster. It is a self-paced, online self-study program, so you can work at your own pace and fit it into your schedule. As a ballet and yoga teacher, we recommend the Silver Package since you already have the existing skillset to teach effectively.
No, BUT you can easily print the materials from your home as needed on your own printer or download and print through a local office supply store. Because we are a Green Company and are also continuously updating the program materials, all materials are digital files that can be viewed or downloaded online. If you would like a Hard Copy Manual, please purchase at this link: or email us at and we will send you the link to our third party publisher and distributor Lulu so that you can get a physical copy of your own!
All certification levels include unlimited online support in our members-only community and through phone/email support. Additionally, Gold and Diamond Memberships include unlimited real-time webinars where you can ask questions, see demonstrations and communicate with your peers to give you the best educational opportunity available. Please always feel free to call us and get one-on-one help by phone. Additionally, we hold “Office Hours with Lisa” where you can meet face to face. There is always access via email and our amazing Facebook is FANTASTIC! If you want feedback on your technique before the video practical exam, you are welcome to submit video via the online community for us to review/critique. We are happy to help you every step of the way. Support does not end when the training ends! We value our instructors from around the world and make our individualized support the highest priority!
The final exam consists of 2 parts, one is the written exam which is multiple choice and is completed by accessing the last module of the program. The second part is the Practical Exam where you will demonstrate your skills as an instructor by performing 9 predetermined exercises. The average score of IBBFA Certified Instructors is a 93%.
You can submit your Practical Exam video up to two times before there is a resubmission fee. We also offer a Video Conference test-out option.
Yes, we offer private in-person certification workshops across the U.S. for groups of at least 8 students, but attendance at an in-person workshop is not required in order to get certified. If you are interested in facilitating an in-person workshop, please contact us.
The cost of the certification currently $347 with optional upgrades at the time of your checkout. The program fee includes all program materials, access to support, all webinars, complete access to our On-Demand Library with 400+ Barre classes, processing, taxes, Digital Certificate and listing in online instructor directory .

Gold Program $347 USD:

  • Barre Essentials course (optional, needs to be completed only if you have no previous teaching/training experience) – 0.8 CEC’s
  • Barre Level 1: Fundamentals of Barre Certification Course – 2.7 CEC’s
  • 6-months of access to all program study materials (instructional manual, videos, quizzes and final tests) – the materials for each module become available when you satisfactorily complete the previous module.
  • Access to our members-only professional forum, where you can ask questions, submit video for feedback and get support.
  • Access to All Webinars
  • Access to “Office Hours” and live virtual Community Classes
  • Access to full On-Demand Library
  • Access to Pre-choreographed Barre Class Outlines, Videos and Playlists
  • BarreSlim pre-choreographed and branded classes, 8-week challenge for clients, practice videos and user guides
  • Inclusion in our official online Directory of IBBFA-Certified Instructors.
  • Taxes 

If you do not finish your certification within the given timeframe, you can purchase an extension for $9.94/month (cancel any time). 

NOTE: If your account goes inactive and you wish to complete your certification at a later date, an account reactivation fee of $29 will be required ($29 for the first reactivated month and $9.94/month after that).

To keep your certification active, you can either purchase the Barre Level 1 Renewal Quiz for $59 that includes the current manual and a renewal quiz. The Renewal is good for two years. Or, if you would like to continue you Barre education, you can purchase and complete any one of the following Barre programs to renew your original Barre Level 1 Certification for an additional two years: Barre Level 2, Barre Level 3, Barre for Special Populations, Ballerobica, or Pre and Postnatal Barre. Contact us directly if you have questions on your renewal.

Yes, we offer a Corporate Level Barre Certification for groups of 8 or more (purchased at one time). Please use a web-form to contact us.
We occasionally get requests to transfer packages to another instructor for any number of reasons. If you have not yet completed the “(Ch 7 & Ch8) – Lower Body” you can transfer the course to another instructor. We require a written request with the contact information of the instructor who wishes to receive the course on your behalf. The transfer fee is 50% of the current cost of the program. If the access to the account is currently expired, this fee is 75% of the current cost. Once the fee has been processed, the current account holder will lose all access to course materials and the new account owner will receive new access as well as a 6 month extension to the program from the date of payment.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and PayPal.
We offer a RISK-FREE trial for 30 days or until you submit Unit 9 – ‘Capstone, Real Client Scenarios’, whichever comes first, as part of our Gold Package so you can purchase with confidence knowing that if for any reason you decide the program is not for you, you will receive full refund. For those that choose to buy Silver Package, the refund offer does not apply. Please do not purchase the Silver Package if you believe you may need a refund within the 30-days.
We are so sure you will love our online training; we proudly offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Once you have registered for the Barre Level 1 program, you have 30 days or until you submit Unit 9 – ‘Capstone, Real Client Scenarios’ (whichever comes first) to request a refund. We are unable to issue refunds after 30 days or submission of Unit 9. All sales are final for purchases associated with the following products: Level 2, Level 3, Barre for Special Populations, Ballerobica and Pre and Postnatal Barre courses. Silver Packages for Level 1 are final sale as well. If you requested and were provided a refund on a product and then choose to purchase it again in the future, no sales or promotions or refunds will apply to the product. You be required to pay the full price on that product. To request a refund, contact us. We will issue a refund to your original method of payment within 2 business days of receiving your request.
You will receive a digital certificate for completing the continuity courses. If you are not an IBBFA instructor and are taking the continuing education courses for CECs/CEUs or to enhance your barre education, you will receive a Digital Certificate of Completion upon completion with the necessary documentation to submit to your provider. Please contact us at if you have any questions.
You can integrate the knowledge into your current fitness practice, but you can’t advertise that you are a Certified Barre Instructor until you successfully complete the IBBFA Barre Level 1 certifying course and receive your digital certificate, and or Certificate of Completion (if you received your fundamental training through an organization outside of IBBFA). Please contact us at if you have any questions.
Yes, once you purchase the course or a manual you will be able to join our IBBFA private study group.
Absolutely! Once you successfully complete the course, just let us know and we’ll send you all you need to redeem your CEC’s with ACE or any other agency.

Optional Video-Conference Testout FAQ

A one-on-one Video-Conference session with a Master Instructor fee is $79 and will include the following: 60 min. Total time for Video Conference 10-15 min. Q&A to go over any final questions prior to the exam and clarify the expectations. 5-10 min. wrap-up, discuss any issues that came up, suggestions and immediate feedback if the Trainee passed or failed. Expedited processing
Yes, it is a requirement to have passed the written exam with an 80% or higher before beginning the Practical Exam. Once you have passed the exam you will be able to access Unit 11 with the Practical Exam guide and options to schedule a Video-Conference session or submit a video.
We have a 24-hour cancelation/missed appointment policy. If for any reason you are unable to attend your test-out session, you must cancel within 24-hours. If this does not occur, you will need to purchase and schedule again or submit a video instead.
The face-to-face option is preferred by most instructors because they are able to get instant feedback, ensure all required components are included and a student is not required, since the Master Instructor acts as your student. The requirements for both the Practical Exam Video submission and the Video Conference Test-out will follow the same guidelines and to ensure quality evaluations are provided, the level of difficulty is the same and unbias.
At this time, English, Russian, and Spanish are available. Additional languages may be available upon request.
We have helped instructors from 9-months pregnant to 100% blind instructors test out via Video-Conference. Our team is willing to accommodate your needs in any way we can! Please let us know if you need additional assistance at the time of scheduling.
We will send you a link to schedule your Video Conference. Please contact us if the listed times and dates do not work for your schedule and we will try to accommodate you..
Yes! You will receive immediate verbal confirmation at the end of your Video-Conference session if you are approved for certification. Your official certification processing will take 2-3 days. A digital scanned copy will be emailed to you at that time. If you are unable to schedule time at a studio or with a student, a Video-Conference option may allow you to get your Practical Exam completed without those limitations. Please contact us at if you are unsure which test option is right for you.
As with both the video submissions and Video-Conference sessions, only your Master Reviewer and Processor will see your submission. We will keep all recordings of live sessions and submissions for up to 2 years on our private server to comply with our various accediting organizations, where we are a continued education credit providers (ACE, CanfitPro etc..).
If you are able to do your Video-Conference session in a different location, it does not need to be at a studio or gym. Please note, you will need to fully demonstrate all exercises in your practical (so a coffee shop is not recommended!!). Alternatively, if you have all video submission files on your device, you can upload them to your account when in a good high speed internet location. Either option is fine. Please use the following link to test your system to make sure your system meets requirements to use the Video-Conference Option: Zoom system requirements
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