About Teaching Barre

Do I need a ballet barre to teach barre fitness?

Can I use chairs instead of a ballet barre?

Can I use IBBFA Barre Certification as an addition to the programs I already use with my clients?

Can I integrate components of the IBBFA Barre Certification program into my private training?

Is barre fitness a good fit for different age groups?

Do you have any insurance recommendations?

Does IBBFA Barre Certification teaches barre with elements of Pilates?

Is barre training suitable for pregnant women?

Does this course includes modifications for pre and postnatal clients

About the IBBFA Barre Instructor Certification

What are the requirements for Barre Certification?

If I’m not currently employed by or working at a gym or studio, can I still get certified and teach barre to clients?

Once certified, where can I teach barre?

Is the IBBFA Barre Certification accepted by all gyms and studios?

How quickly after I receive my certification can I teach barre classes?

Will IBBFA Barre Certification Level 1 qualify me to teach pregnant women?

Will IBBFA Barre Certification qualify me to teach other instructors, so they can offer it to their clients?

Are there other barre courses available through IBBFA?

About the IBBFA Barre Certification Program

How long does it take to complete the program and get certified?

Do we offer NASM continuing education credit (CEC)?

How does the program work?

 How long the certification process takes?

How long does it take to complete the course for a ballet and yoga teacher.

Do the program materials include a printed book or instructional manual?

How do I get help and feedback while working on my certification?

How is the online final exam completed?

How many times can I submit my Practical Exam video?

Is an in-person certification course available?

How much does it cost to get certified?

What does the program fee include?

What if I do not finish my certification in time?

How do I renew my Barre Level 1 Certification?

Do you offer a discount for companies with multiple instructors who want to get certified?

Can I transfer my purchased course to another instructor?

What payment methods do you accept?


Is there a program demo I can view before I sign up?


What is your refund policy?


Will I receive a certificate for completing Barre Level 2, Barre Level 3, Barre for Special Populations (Stretch and Tone) or Prenatal courses?


Can I teach Barre Level 2, Barre Level 3, Barre for Special Populations (Stretch and Tone) or Prenatal courses after completion?


Will I be able to join the private Facebook Study group if I purchase one of the courses or a digital/physical manual?


Will I get ACE Continuing Education Credit for completing the course if I have not completed Level 1 course?

Optional Video-Conference Testout FAQ


What does the fee include?


Do I need to take the written test before I can schedule my Test Out?


What happens if I schedule an appointment but can’t make it?


Is the Video-Conference test easier than the video submission?


Can the Video-Conference Test-out be done in other languages?


I have a specific medical need; can I still test out with Video-Conference?


What if I purchase a Video-Conference test-out but can’t find a time that works with the schedule?


Is Video-Conference faster than a pre-recorded video to getting certified?


Who will I be doing my Test-out? Will it be secure?


My internet connection is not great, which test-out option is better?

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