Gold Program Contents 

We continuously update course material based on questions and insights as we answer instructor questions and provide support.  Currently the manual is on it's 3rd edition and includes 244 pages of comprehensive explanations and illustrations to provide you with everything you need to successfully pass the Barre Fundamentals course.  

Not only will you learn the latest barre techniques, you will get the very best foundational barre training available in the process. No dance background or dance training is necessary to be able to learn and fully utilize all aspects of this Barre Certification training. A team of fitness, dance, and medical professionals all contributed to the content of this material to make it safe, well-rounded, and the most effective online barre training available anywhere. The content, exercises, and training concepts have been extensively tested in our studios across the world over many years to give you the most comprehensive and fundamental material available in an easy-to-follow format. Only the very best and most effective material tested with thousands of clients and used by thousands of instructors was put together to create this incredible program.

By the time you finish this certification, you will be ready to start teaching and sharing your passion for barre with the world. Our program promotes creativity and flexibility as you begin to create your classes. Approach this material with that in mind, and remember that the suggested series and outlines are merely guides to help you get started. You will be thrilled by the happy faces of your satisfied clients who are able to get amazing results from this type of workout in record time. As you see your classes grow in size, you will look forward to each session. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of an amazing transformational environment that has such a positive impact on the lives of others. Having joined our family of certified instructors, you will always be able to find the guidance and advice needed to help you develop your business and improve your skills. We look forward to being able to serve you in the many years to come.

If you have no prior teaching experience,  this Is where you will start.  

This course is meant to introduce you to the challenges and concerns you will face in your training as a Barre Instructor. We hope you feel confident going into the certification process once you have completed this course.

Please note this course will not provide you with any specific exercises nor will you be eligible to teach in fitness facilities without a certification.

A practical video exam is the final step to becoming certified through the Barre Certification program and is performed at the end of the Level 1 course. Once you are through the Barre Essentials manual, workbook and written quiz, you will have fulfilled the prerequisites for the Level 1 course.

A Guide to Getting Hired


You finished your certification…NOW WHAT?! Use this guide to help you find and land your dream job.

  • How to identify and reach out to potential employers
  • Sample résumé and tips
  • Cover letter
  • Examples of contact emails
  • Getting started and application checklist
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview checklist
  • Demo class preparation
  • Demo class/audition checklist

A Guide to Adding Barre to your Business


Now that you’ve completed your certification, you’re ready to add this popular class to your schedule. Use this guide to get started

  • Human Resources Requirements checklist
  • Naming your class guide
  • Facility Needs checklist
  • Success Story
  • Maintaining Retention checklist


8 minute preview of BarreSlim workout that you will be teaching to your students.


As a certified IBBFA Instructor you will receive access to the BarreSlim program, a workout and challenge designed to help your clients reach their goals faster while attending barre fitness classes.

Guides for how to host 8-week challenge or regular BarreSlim classes:

Guides to give/sell to your students, to track their progress during the challenge and guide them toward better results:

Having access to the BarreSlim program means you will get...

  • Full rights to teach and promote BarreSlim classes.
  • Exercise outlines for 45, 50, 60 and 90-minute classes. (sample outline)
  • Spotify playlists for each class layout.

In addition to holding BarreSlim classes you will also have the option to host the 8-week BarreSlim Challenge. This gives you the chance to promote healthy eating and fitness through your studio, plus an additional revenue stream!

What will you get when you decide to host a challenge?

  • Instructions on how to host and promote the BarreSlim Challenge.
  • Option to sell BarreSlim supplements as part of the challenge which gives participants extra incentive to join and an additional revenue stream for you.
  • Interactive journal to distribute to participants so they can log their progress during the 8-week challenge.

Sample Barre Class Library

10 classes with playlists you can teach right away!

10 classes with playlists you can teach right away!

We teach you how to create your own classes to tailor-fit it to your specific classes.  If you want inspiration or just want to get going with a ready to teach class, we have you covered! Each Class includes the video demonstrating the moves, list of exercises and a playlist that you can stream directly from our site or from the Spotify account.  With Sample Barre Class Library you will always be ready to teach a class as long as you have a phone and a wifi.

For your practical test out you have two options.  You can record the video of yourself demonstrating the exercises with a student (included in your gold package), or for $59 you can schedule a Video-Conference Practical evaluation.   For that, you will not require a student and you will work with one of our Master-Instructors to demonstrate your competence in all areas.  Naturally if you are uncertain and feel you need extra help, support group email and phone support are always free.  If you require a one-on-one tutoring with a master-instructor you can schedule Skype sessions for $59/hr.

Online Directory Listing

The Only Online Certified Barre Instructor Directory.

Facility owners as well as students visit our online instructor directory to find IBBFA certified instructors and to confirm the certification.  It's easy to print a paper claiming to be certified, but the place in our directory can't be faked and facility owners and potentials students know that!  

Access To 2 private Facebook Groups:

1)Barre Study Group

2)Certified Instructors Group

Access to 2 Private Groups

We have 2 Private Groups, that are among the largest private Barre Groups online.  Once you register, you will be added to our study group, where you can ask questions and get support from Master-Trainers and other students completing the program with you!  We are with you every step of the way as you complete the program and beyond!

Once you receive your certification, you will also be added to our Certified Instructors group, where you will get ongoing support and will be able to have any questions answered from anything that comes up when teaching to how to open and run a fitness studio of your own.  We have an amazing community of instructors from all over the world, that is the kind of support that is very difficult to find anywhere!

Certification and ID CARD!!!

Once you get certified well send you the electronic versions of your certificate along with a physical copy.  You will also receive a Barre Certified Instructor ID card!  

The ID card has the same dimensions and feel as you driver license and includes an optional picture. We will ask you to provide a picture for your ID card when we let you know that you successfully completed the program.  With your ID card always with you, it's easy and convenient to show your Barre credentials.