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Welcome to the Barre Certification Evaluation Guide!

This guide will help you decide if becoming certified Barre Instructor is right for you and give you the tools you need to get started.

Is Becoming a Certified Barre Instructor the Right Move for Me?

Barre instructors are individuals – all unique in their own way. But they do share certain characteristics. With how many of these do you identify?
You love everything to do with fitness. And you’re ready to infect your clients with that sames passion and help them achieve their fitness goals.
You love helping others achieve their goals – while driving towards your own goals. You’re quick to help out someone in need. And you thrive when you’re in a position where others approach you for advice.
You know that transformation isn’t only about the shape of your body, but your mind too. You know that a healthy mind and a healthy body = a healthy you, and you’re ready to help your classes find total health and happiness.
You love talking with people, and don’t feel too awkward in social situations. Even when you’re the center of attention. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll be super confident in front of a class now. This is a skill that comes naturally with experience.
You love motivating others. Getting just one more rep, one more step, one more movement out of others is a great skill to have. And if you’ve got it, there’s no question that you’re instructor material.

What is the IBBFA?

The International Ballet Barre Fitness Association was founded in 2010. Our programs were created by a team of experts from the Barre, Medical And Fitness industries to be accessible to everyone – yet challenging.
We’ve had successful students from all over the world and from all kinds of backgrounds. Proving we’re the international standard when it comes to Barre.
Whether you’re looking for a full time career, a part-time job or just a way to supplement your household income, IBBFA offers the most comprehensive online training in the Barre community.
We strive to provide a better life for all our students. Which is why we provide ongoing support during and after your time with us.

Our Founders

Lisa Juliet

Lisa is a founder of Ballerobica and the creative force behind organizing and bringing the IBBFA Barre Certification Program to the public. She has an extensive background in teaching Barre and Ballet, science and business. Her mission is to make the IBBFA Barre Certification the best program available and ensure the program provides a solid foundation for growing your client base and offering the highest quality instruction in a fun and supportive environment.

Dr Andrea Alden

Dr. Andrea Alden- Andrea graduated with a BA in Communication, an MA in English and a PhD in English. She trained at Tempe Dance Academy and other local ballet schools from 1983-1993. She holds certifications in Ballerobica, ACE Group Fit, Barre, and American Ballet Theater (ABT in NYC) and she is one of the founders of IBBFA Barre Certification.

Dr Hallie Edmonds

Dr. Hallie Edmonds – Hallie currently holds a PhD in evolutionary anthropology and biomechanics; an MA in anthropology; a Bachelors of arts degree in anthropology and art history. She trained at Academy of Ballet in Tucson, AZ; was a Company member of Tucson Regional Ballet for 6 seasons; was a Company member for Treeline Dance, Phoenix AZ. Additionally Hallie has been a Certified Pilates instructor, IBBFA Master Barre Instructor, and Ballerobica Instructor since 2011 and a IBBFA Teacher Trainer since 2014. Hallie is one of the founders of IBBFA Barre Certification and helped to bring IBBFA’s extensive curriculum to an online format. “Barre is incredibly adaptable and dynamic! You can cater the workout to be more toning focused, more cardio focused, or a little bit of both! The workouts can also be crafted for individuals with injuries or movement limitations.”

IBBFA is the Most Recognized Barre Instructor Training

The IBBFA holds the proud position of being the most recognized online Barre training available. With us, you earn more CEC’s with different fitness organizations than with any other online training program.
And not only local organizations – but international too. Proving, yet again, that we’re an internationally recognized authority on Barre – and the perfect place to take your Barre skill level from 0 to master.

IBBFA is the Most Recognized Barre Instructor Training

Barre has blown up in recent years. However, it’s not just another trend. It’s here to stay. The secret of Barre’s success is that anyone of any skill level or condition can take part. And it’s one of the best muscle-toning routines out there.
And with obesity rates higher than they’ve ever been, Barre is a strong contender to be the go-to fitness plan for many individuals. It’s easy to get into and enjoyable, making it a preferable to going to the gym, running or cycling in the eyes of many.
Even injured individuals and pregnant mothers can take part – so it’s the inclusive fitness plan for the masses.
This makes the demand for Barre classes high. So whether you’re looking for a job, or starting your own studio, your chance for success is high.

What Can I Do With a Barre Certification?

As a certified Barre instructor at IBBFA, you’ll have the power to take the reigns in your own life. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, a rewarding career or a work-from-home opportunity, Barre gives you the power to decide.
95% of our students find jobs within 6 months of completing their training. Many open studios of their own. Some teach from the comfort of their own home.
It’s all up to you. The gift of Barre certification equates to the gift of choice. Choose the path that best suits your aspirations and finally lead the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of.
The IBBFA Specializations

Who are our Barre Instructors?

What Does a Certified Barre Instructor Do?

A Barre instructor is like any leader in fitness. You guide others through a series of movements, helping them to build body strength and reach their weight and fitness goals. It’s all about helping others.
But there’s more to being an instructor.
You’re a role model. A friend. Someone to confide in. Someone who helps others achieve not just their fitness goals, but their life goals. You help others build discipline, and be better versions of themselves.
You’re not just a Barre instructor. You’re a modern day hero.

What Do I Do Next?

1. Get in touch with us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help you out.
Our support staff are well trained and friendly. Ready to help you with whatever questions you may be having – whether it be about the course or about deciding whether you want to be a Barre instructor.
2. Imagine your future as a Barre instructor – what do you want to accomplish?
Do you want to build a fulfilling career, a part-time job, or your own business? Any of these are more than possible – it’s only a matter of choice.
3. Enroll with IBBFA and experience the gold standard in Barre certification training
Choose a certification program and get started. We recommend starting with the Gold program if you’re new – it’s specifically designed to take you from absolute beginner to competent Barre teacher. If you’re more experienced, consider one of our specialist programs or even the Silver plan.
4. Get ready to make an impact on the world of Barre
Get yourself ready with our world-class training program. You’ll soon be in the best shape of your life and ready to take on the world.
5. Study, take the test and get certified!
Once you’ve signed up, do the course and study up – you’ll be tested, as soon as you’re ready, by an IBBFA Master Barre Instructor. They’ll grade you fairly, honestly and compassionately. And give you advice on how to improve even more!
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