Fundamentals of Barre Seminar

Barre Seminar

The Foundations of Barre Seminar is designed to prepare future instructors to lead effective barre classes, renew existing instructors’ understanding and passion for barre, and provide an introduction for anyone interested in becoming, hiring, or taking class from a Certified Barre Instructor.

Why is the Foundations of Barre Seminar different?

  • In this 8-hour seminar, we will discuss some of the most common concerns and questions that arise in the barre industry.
  • Participants will:-Attend a full Master Class and several mini-classes throughout the day to observe Master Instructors at work.
  • Learn the anatomy, ballet terminology, and reasons that serve as the foundation for the most common exercises in a barre class.
  • Discover the importance of the ‘behind the scenes’ work for barre instructors—how to: effectively structure a full class, work with clients one-on-one, and develop powerful playlists that help instructors lead amazing workouts!
  • You will NOT receive a certification or certificate of completion after attending an 8-hour seminar. Say what?! It’s true. We believe that becoming a Certified Barre Instructor takes time, preparation, and an evaluation (with actual feedback about your performance). For this reason, you will not receive a rubber stamp from us…but you DO receive some extra perks, like: Continuing Education Credits, discounts on the certification bundle, known as our Gold Package, and a FREE Skype Testing session ($59 value) when you’re ready to complete your certification.
  • The Certified Master Instructors that lead our live events undergo extensive training. Each Master Instructor has completed all six training courses and a minimum of 200 teaching hours of barre from basic to advanced, prenatal to special populations, and everything in between. These Master Instructors have also specifically demonstrated their ability to teach the course materials, not just an outstanding barre class! Their backgrounds range from former professional tennis players and NBA dancers to anatomy professors…we love our Master Instructors, and you will too!
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Upcoming Foundations of Barre Seminars:

 Lara Foldvari

Date: June 24th, 2018

Time: 8am - 5:30pm

Location: Connecticut Dance Theatre

651 Main St. Watertown, CT 06795

Master Instructor: Lara Foldvari

What to expect 

What you get 

How to receive your Barre Certification 

Price: $200