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April BarreZen: IBBFA HIIT Barre program!

We asked our instructors what types of classes they would like to try to incorporate into Barre…Number 1 result?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes the cake! Combining HIIT Barre? We had so much fun creating the class outline, playlist and video this month!

A sneak peak into the format for class:

hiit barre

Each segment includes
-20 seconds of Exercise A
-20 seconds of Exercise B
-20 seconds of Exercise A
-20 seconds of Exercise B
-10 seconds of REST
-Repeat series 4 times which will last about 6-7 minutes.
Alternate sides when exercises use one side.
Rest 60-120 seconds between segments for explanation
Option to cut sets in half for express 30-minute workout
There are 8 segments to create a 60 minute class with a total of 16 exercises, both cardio and toning (your clients may prefer an express 30 minute version…it’s intense).
If you are already a certified instructor, you can find the BarreZen membership sign up in your Products page 
Can’t wait to hear what you think!
hiit barre

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