Barre Certification recommended product list

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December 6, 2016


We get a lot of people asking what products we recommend to accompany barre classes and exercises. Since we are educators that certify instructors in different types of facilities around the world, IBBFA Barre Certification has been able to compile a list of the highest recommended products to use as a barre instructor.


Portable barres

For portable barres we recommend Vita Vibe. There are different looks and styles and you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Prices vary from $115 to about $300.

Also, keep in mind that there are freestanding barres and ones that can be mounted to the floor. Freestanding barres may tip when there is too much lateral force so they should not be used a crutch to keep the user’s balance.


Our pick for freestanding:

Freestanding fit barre from Vita Vibe for $189.95.


Our pick for floor mount:
Professional Aluminum Single Bar Floor Mount Fitness Barre System (Fixed Height)


Barres that can be installed

We would also recommend Vista Vibe barres if you are looking to install a barre in your studio or home. Different styles and lengths are available. Prices vary from about $70 to $225.


Our pick:

Professional Aluminum Single Bar Wall Mount Ballet Barre System (Fixed Height)




Handheld 1-3 pound weights

Our pick:

CAP Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbell from $1.99. Note: solid in singles! These inexpensive weights feel comfortable in your hand and are easy to store- the hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling.



Inflatable 7-9 inch balls


Our pick:

ProBody Pilates Blue Mini Stability Ball $10-$20. Easy to inflate and deflate (good for travel). This mini exercise ball works well with our Barre exercises.



Resistance bands


Our pick:

DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Bands (in LIGHT) $14. These resistance bands have a comfortable grip and are very durable. Make sure to take note at the level of resistance you are purchasing. We use the Yellow/Light ones for our barre exercises.


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