Beach vibes and Barre class

By admin

May 2, 2016


In our latest class outline, we are channeling the great energy we are getting from the Barre Body Challenge. Take your students outside to enjoy the breeze or bring the beach to the studio with the Reggae at the Barre Playlist! This class has been jam packed with some new exercises. Look for more compound exercises that work upper and lower body simultaneously. Or upper body and core in moves like the Rocking Pushups. Nothing makes me feel more like a mermaid! And if your clients are loving the extra challenge, be sure to check out our Level 3 course which comes out this month! This is the most advanced course yet and is a great way to challenge those athletes and dancers you have in class!

Follow the video found in your BarreZen area for a full class of Reggae themed fun or select a few exercises your clients will love! As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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