For the last decade: The most loved (and profitable) barre class at pilot studios around the word!

Welcome to Ballerobica®!

Ballerobica® is the next level of Barre Fitness!

It’s a fun and effective workout that incorporates the fundamentals of ballet and barre with aerobics and resistance training. Ballerobica® is a total body workout that works different muscle groups at varied intensities, burning calories and toning the entire body, and it keeps clients interested, making them want to come back for more. Ballerobica® was designed so that anyone can do it, regardless of previous dance experience.

Instructors will learn how to utilize tools to develop classes based on each class' needs by pulling from a library of exercises from three different approaches (Classic Ballet, Kickboxing, and HIIT), without needing to memorize pre-designed or pre-choreographed formats. In the course, you will gain the tools it takes to teach a successful Ballerobica® class.

If you want to have fun while doing something great for yourself and others, look no further; you’ve come to the right place- Ballerobica®!

Ballerobica class preview